About Us


We are Kate and Libby, the founders of Book Box Club.

We met selling books in a cosy independent bookshop back in 2010. We became inseparable bookish buddies who spent our evenings talking books, baking bad cookies, swimming blindly side-by-side (no contact lenses in the pool!) and singing pop ballads together.

Book Box Club actually came about after a late night biscuit-fuelled conversation, that went something like this:

Kate: I feel as though I’d like to do something huge, something life changing.
Libby: I know what you mean. We need to shake things up.
Kate: I feel as though I’d like to sail around the world, you know? Really achieve something big.

Libby: Let’s do it!

Needless to say, we didn’t end up sailing around the world (luckily)!

We did, however, create Book Box Club: a journey that would see us sending our bookish parcels to all corners of the globe, almost drowning in turquoise shred, reading the most fantastic books and meeting some amazing like-minded bookish people.

Book Box Club has proven itself to be just as rewarding and as adrenaline-fuelled an epic sailing mission, but with fewer sharks and less seasickness: suffice to say we’re pretty glad we chose books over boats.

Libby Harris

I’ve loved books since I could read them, from my first encounter with Harry Potter (on a rainy holiday to Cornwall) I have been on the search for anything to fill that void! Luckily, thousands of books later I have found a whole host of other worlds, other times, and other characters that have got pretty darn close.

I have discovered a love for all types of YA. I love magic (of course), but also dystopian, historical and anything with a good dollop of teenage angst.

When I’m not reading you might find me on an epic family hike, or on my sofa in my pyjamas watching re-runs of Vampire Diaries!

Kate Morris-Double

I hold my mum and Roald Dahl equally responsible for my obsession with books. Magical twists, dark creepy characters and epic adventures are still my favourite things to read. I have a soft spot for beautiful language, tricksy narrators, and if a book has a troubled bad boy as its protagonist, then I’m likely to fall in love with it.

I’m a complete fool for a gorgeous cover, so if I spot sparkly foiling, sprayed edges or uncut pages whilst browsing a bookshop, I’m unlikely to be able to resist!

I am also an Ashtanga yoga nerd, who loves singing in the shower and eating too many biscuits.

In January 2021 we welcomed a new unashamedly bookish member to our team, meet Amber…

Amber Fritz-Hewer

I have been in love with books since I was small, and for a very long time I intended to become a fiction author and wrote dozens of stories. I’ve lost the creative writing bug, but never lost my love of reading – probably comes from having a mom who was an English teacher all my school years.

Our home library grows faster than I can buy shelves to hold it, and at last count we were nearing 1000 books of all genres, and we have no plans (or ability) to stop.

My favourite books are historical fiction and fantasy, but I will read most anything other than horror. When I haven’t got my nose in a book, I am either tending to our cats, dogs, and chickens, tidying the garden, playing my bassoon, or have my fingers tied up in yarn with knitting and crocheting projects.