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Happy Saturday, everyone!

Guess what? It’s official; our little club is growing! We are thrilled that Book Box Club has continued to grow each month. Welcoming new members and getting to know lots of you in The Clubhouse and on social media has been awesome and this May will be be our biggest posting day ever!


Over the last couple of months we have been overwhelmed by all of the enthusiasm and love that you guys have shared with us. We really appreciate how much (and how loudly) you guys shout about our boxes all over the internet and beyond (we’ll never forget a particularly excited pair spreading the word all over the queue at YALC last year!). Just know, we appreciate each and every one of you and your cheerleading efforts have been a huge part of making Book Box Club the community it is today. Here are some of the things that our lovely members have been cheering about…


We only feature books in our boxes that we both LOVE, that way we can get behind them and recommend them far and wide. It also means that we get to chat with you all about our favourite recent reads – what could be better than that?

The two of us have very varied reading tastes – as you can probably tell from our book choices! Our lovely member Christina (@getmealibrary) perfectly sums up the bizarre bookish journey we’ve taken our members on as part of Book Box Club:

“I’ve travelled through time, become a version of Belle and met a Beast, sparked a breath band and found out who killed Simon, I uncovered the mystery of Sterling and became a Suffragette, I was a circus outlaw and chased the red lights in Skane, found memories of the past and visited a fairytale in Russia, became an Outwalker and fell into a book called The Gallows Dance and now I’m going ‘Under the Sea’ and I did all this thanks to Book Box Club.” – Christina, Book Box Club Member, UK

We have been so lucky to work with lots of amazing crafters, illustrators and creators. Having the opportunity to develop exclusive items and brainstorm ideas with people who really know their craft is a real dream come true for us.

Over the past year and half we have curated boxes featuring bookish candles, bunting, a dream catcher, geeky jewellery, tote bags, exclusive mugs, magnets, notepads galore (we love stationery), socks, sweets, scarfs, an unashamedly bookish calendar and so much more.

@booksfemme, @book_roast & @sammys_shelf

We are currently the process of creating one of our favourite items to-date with the lovely Catarina Book Designs for our May STARGAZERS box and we are so excited to share it with you guys. We’d love to hear about your favourite items from our boxes in the comments below.


To see live reactions from some of our lovely members unboxing their Book Box Club goodies, go check out these YouTube reviews from Coco Mallory, Maddie and Bee, Book Roast , Alex’s Fiction Addiction and Elena Reads Books (and then subscribe to their channels to stay in the loop with all of their bookish highlights)!

Or, if you’d rather read about our previous boxes then fear not; lots of our members are also keen bloggers. Check out: This Booky Place, Moon Kestrel, Booksandlemonsquash and MM Florin, to name just a few of all the amazing members who unbox their boxes on their blogs and write about books they’ve loved.


“What I find super awesome about being one of the members of Book Box Club is that it feels so personal. As we discussed last month’s book in the Clubhouse, I came to thinking that we’ve created our own little community. During the live chat we began joking with each other, and it felt like we were close.I felt like I could arrange to meet them all at a café tomorrow. This feeling is, for me, the thing that sets Book Box Club apart from other bookish boxes.” – Maja, Book Box Club Member, Denmark


Every month we get to meet up with all you lovely people and the author of our featured read in our members only Clubhouse and if we haven’t made it clear enough…WE LOVE BOOK GROUP! Seriously, it is the highlight of our month. We have such a blast and all of our authors have been so generous with their answers to our/your questions. It really does feel like we are all sat in a cosy coffee shop together chatting books. If your a Book Box Club member who is yet made it to one of our book groups you should definitely come and hang out with us in The Clubhouse, it’s so fun!



If you are interested in the real life friendships that are formed by members of Book Box Club then take a read of this lovely blog post written by one of our founding members and long-time Clubhouse attendees Moon. We are so honoured to have been a part of bringing such a wonderful group of bookish friends together….sob! We better move on before we get all choked up again.

Love, Libby and Kate xx


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