Introducing our November Theme…


Happy theme reveal day everyone!

The time has come, the wait is over, you’re about to discover our theme for November 2018…

We’ve dreamt of creating this theme so many times in the past (it’s huge fun and inspires some great item ideas and awesome fandoms),  but we’ve been patiently waiting for the perfect, brilliant book to come along and make our dream theme a reality.

Now the time has come, we’ve found an absolute winner of a featured read. This book is so unique, and we think that you are going to adore it.

So without further ado, we are thrilled to announce our theme for November in the dramatic fashion we’ve all become accustomed to: a Book Box Club Theme Reveal Trailer, created by the one and only Hax Ahmet Films. Simply click on the treasure box image below to enjoy the film.

Buccaneers unite! Our theme for November is SMUGGLERS & THIEVES. Join us for high drama on the high seas with a box that plays tribute to some of fiction’s craftiest seaborne criminals.

About the Book:

Prepare for an adventure upon the brutal open ocean: our featured read is a courageous quest for survival in a water-logged world…

At the helm of our November read is a resilient young woman intent on journeying to America for a life-saving operation, but first she must stowaway on a ship, kidnap the Captain’s daughter, smuggle her prisoner back to Cornwall and exchange her for that all-important ticket to fix her faulty heart.

Readers be warned, this isn’t your average swashbuckling voyage: sure, there’s drama aplenty, but there’s also a surprising amount of tenderness in this brilliant book and the writing is on another level of beauty (think Sarah Crossan or Patrick Ness meets Treasure Island or Peter Pan!).

This gorgeous new release YA hardback is one of the prettiest books we’ve ever set eyes on and will be accompanied by a signed bookplate from the author. We can’t wait to share it with you all!

There will be Goodies!:

Our November box will be an unashamedly bookish treasure trove crammed with lots of gorgeous goodies inspired by some of fiction’s most memorable smugglers and thieves!

We are delighted to announce that ALL of the items in this box will be exclusive to Book Box Club, meaning that you’ll need to be subscribed to get your hands on any of this gorgeous loot!

We’ve got a fantastic team of artists and crafters aboard for November, so stay tuned for some supplier reveals and item hints very soon! For now, we’ll can tell you that fans of The Grishaverse and Peter Pan won’t want to miss out.

There will be an exclusive author book group:

Of course, no Book Box Club box would be complete without a personalised invitation to our members-only online book group.

Our November read sees The Clubhouse turned captain’s table as we gather around in our online chatroom with our unashamedly bookish shipmates/members to chat about our featured read.  Our guest of honour will be the author of our November book, who is very excited to talk to you all and to answer your questions.

This is a book that is sure to spark bookish chat aplenty, so smuggle in your best book group snacks and wear your comfiest (pirate-themed) PJs!

Or opt for Purely Books:

If you are unashamedly bookish, but bookish extras aren’t your thing, you can still join in the fun. Check out our PURELY BOOKS subscription. Our books-only memberships include the same great featured reads and membership to our awesome author book group, just without the extra themed accessories.

How to join us:

November SMUGGLERS & THIEVES boxes and Purely Books parcels are available from our subscriptions page now. As ever, we only have a limited number of boxes available so get yours before they all disappear! Shipping to the UK is completely FREE, but we send our boxes all around the world so if you’re a far flung book lover, check out our FAQ page for all of our postage fees.

Existing Book Box Club members can relax, your subscription guarantees you a SMUGGLERS & THIEVES themed bookish parcel. We’ll be sending you yours around November 15th, unless you tell us not to before renewal day on October 25th.

What do you think of our swashbuckling November theme? If you’re a social media master we would be so grateful if you’d help spread the word about our SMUGGLERS & THIEVES box with your own bookish buddies. You’ll find our theme reveal trailer video in easy-to-share formats on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. We love nothing more than welcoming new members to our club!

We wish you a Sunday filled with adventure and (of course) books!

Love, Libby and Kate xx


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