Tech Tribes Unboxed

Thank you to @getmealibrary for this photo of our August box!


Fancy a peek inside our August TECH TRIBES box?

Happy Saturday bookish friends. Now that the cold weather has started to set in… August suddenly feels like a very long time ago, but we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate all of the amazing goodies that we crammed into your August Tech Tribes boxes. So, without further ado… bring on the unboxing:

Thank you to @getmealibrary for this photo of our August box!

Tech Tribes Unboxed

Jinxed by Amy Mcculloch: At an elite tech academy only the highest achieving students, with the most sophisticated robotic companions, are welcome. So when awesome engineer Lacey Chu misses out on a place at her dream school she’s devastated. And then she discovers Jinx: a high-spec, high-maintenance robot cat Baku and her dreams seem possible once again (if she can only keep Jinx under control)!

Clubhouse Invite: Coders, whiz-kids and technophobes are all welcome in our cosy online Clubhouse, where we’ll be chatting about our futuristic featured read with our special guest, Amy McCulloch,

Invent the Future Mug with artwork by Alicia Jo: Fill this exclusive mug with your favourite beverage and get wired up for some serious creativity, invention and adventure… our August read awaits.

Lunar Chronicles Coaster by Book Box Club: Forget tech support, you’ve got this! Our exclusive Lunar-Chronicles-inspired coaster/medal bears the true motto of all tech tribes (and is the perfect companion for your new mug).

Robot Socks by Joe Cool: May your toes be unashamedly techy (and toasty) with a little help from these super soft robot socks!

Ada Lovelace Sticker by Victorian Store: The original computer programmer! We couldn’t have a Tech Tribes box without paying homage to this inspiring girl coder/genius. Add this sticker to your laptop/journal and declare your allegiance to team Lovelace!

BB8 Magnetic Bookmark by Rachel Norline Art: One of the cutest, smartest robots in town: we’d definitely want BB8 in our Tech Tribe – especially now he’s been upgraded to include bookmark functionality!

Jinx necklace by Book Box Club: Introducing Jinx: your own personal cat Baku. Be warned, he probably won’t do as he’s told, but he will look super stylish around your neck!

Bookish Goodies: With thanks to our friends at Usborne Publishing, Hachette Children’s and Simon & Schuster. This month we also have a special bookmark from C.K Robertson, character artwork by Angela He (under licence cc by nc 4.0).


Thank you to @whizzerzzm, @adventurous.albus, @thebooknerd90, @_shonashoe and @booksofhopeanddreams for these gorgeous unboxing photos!

Even after reading just a few pages of Jinxed we knew we were onto a winner! We’ll openly admit that neither of us are the most technological of people by nature, but we adored this book! Lacey is such an incredible heroine and how about those adorable animal robots. Is anyone else desperate for their own baku?

This was such a fun box to curate: it’s totally different to any of our past boxes and gave us the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing artists and crafters. A huge thanks to all of the brilliant creative people who helped us to make our Tech Tribes box a reality.

Finally we’d like to say a big thank you to our lovely members for your comments, your enthusiasm, and for sharing your photos, blogs, vlogs and feedback with us. You literally put the Club in Book Box Club and you rock! What was your favourite item in this box? Have you finished reading Jinxed yet? Let us know in the comments below.


If you missed out on our August Tech Tribes box then don’t worry! October boxes are on sale now (but there are just a handful left)!

Join us for:

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A box crammed with bookish goodies inspired by our favourite fantasy lands. We can confirm that there will be a Pretty Suds luxury bath item, an beautiful illustrated item by Liana Kangas and Briana Mora and an exclusive WEARABLE ITEM we have never included in a box before! You will find items inspired by Middle Earth, Narnia and lots more of our (and your) favourite magical worlds in fiction!

An exclusive invitation to our members-only online book group meeting with the author of our featured read. Chat with the author and make new friends in our cosy Clubhouse where the real magic happens!

Eeek! We are so excited to send these boxes out to you guys!

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Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Love, Libby and Kate x


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